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Water-based parts cleaner & degreaser (concentrated)

  • Professional strength, water-based parts cleaning solution provides a safe and effective alternative to harsh parts washer solvents 

  • Specialized surfactant formula penetrates and lifts oil, dirt and grime from shop tools, parts and equipment without caustic, burning chemicals

  • Gentle on hands, no irritating fumes and no special handling requirements 

  • Eco-friendly formula is biodegradable, non-toxic, non-caustic and non-flammable

  • For use in water-based parts washing systems or for general parts cleaning


Available Sizes                  Part No.            Buy Online

1 Gallon Bottle (Case of 4)      ECOPRT-GCS
5 Gallon Bucket                       ECOPRT-B 

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EcoGen Tool & Parts Cleaner removes dirt, oil and grime from parts, tools and equipment without harmful chemicals typically found in parts washer solvents.  This specially formulated cleaning solution first works to reduce surface tension, enabling more thorough contact with the soiled surface.  Once EcoGen reaches the cleaning surface, the high volume of micro-cleaning particles in the solution work to penetrate, lift and encapsulate hydrocarbon soils into colloidal suspension, allowing for easier removal from the cleaning surface. This safer, more targeted cleaning action provides a better alternative for parts cleaning and reduces risk to workers and the environment.

HOW TO USE:  Product is concentrated.  Dilute with 3 parts water.  Soak tools or parts in solution until clean, then rinse with water.  Agitate difficult soils with scrub brush.  Dwell time, increased temperature and agitation will aid the cleaning process. 


*   May discolor untreated aluminum if product is left on surface.

** Foaming may occur in closed cabinet, high pressure aerated spray washing systems.

SDS (Safety Data Sheet) - EcoGen Parts Cleaner


Valve Cleaning

Dirty valves soaking in EcoGen parts washer cleaner
Valves cleaned with parts washing solution

Dirty, grimy valves partially soaked in a 3 to 1 solution for 10 minutes come out clean.

Engine Soak

Engine cleaned with EcoGen parts cleaner solution

This dirty engine was left to soak overnight in the EcoGen parts cleaning solution (3 parts water to 1 part EcoGen).  The half that was submerged looks like new.

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