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Eco-friendly car & truck wash soap (concentrated)

  • Commercial grade car wash soap provides excellent cleaning performance without harm to the environment 

  • Lubricates and lifts dirt, grime, road film and stubborn bug residue for easier removal

  • Apply with foaming brush, pressure washer, automated washing system or as a hand wash

  • Rinses clear to reduce streaking and water spotting

  • Use for fleet washing of cars, commercial trucks, utility vehicles and buses; also great for RVs, boats, trailers and agricultural equipment

  • Earth friendly formula is biodegradable, non-toxic and dye and fragrance free


Available Sizes                  Part No.            Buy Online

1 Gallon Bottle (Case of 4)      ECOTRK-GCS
5 Gallon Bucket                       ECOTRK-B
55 Gallon Drum                       ECOTRK-D

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EcoGen Car Wash soap is a biodegradable vehicle cleaner that provides commercial strength cleaning without putting the environment or the user at risk.  EcoGen's special blend of surface cleaning agents work to reduce surface tension so more thorough contact is achieved with the vehicle surface.  This allows micro cleaning particles in the solution to gently soften, lubricate and lift dirt and road film so it can be washed away more easily.  EcoGen Car & Truck Soap is entirely safe to use with no harmful fumes or skin irritation.  Excellent for professional fleet maintenance, truck and trailer washing, or for mobile vehicle washing services.  Product is unscented.


HOW TO USE:  This is a concentrated formula.  For application through foaming brush, pressure washer or automated system, finished dilution should be approximately 64:1 (or 2 oz per gallon of water) for standard cleaning.  Allow solution to remain on surface for a short time before washing, then rinse with water.  For heavily soiled vehicles, pre-treat with a 10:1 dilution before standard cleaning procedure.  For manual washing add 3-4 oz per gallon of water. 


*  May discolor untreated aluminum if product is left on surface. Safe on anodized aluminum, polished aluminum and chrome.

SDS (Safety Data Sheet) - EcoGen Car & Truck Wash Soap


Use EcoGen Car & Truck Soap to clean cars, trucks, trailers, utility vehicles, buses, agricultural equipment and more

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