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EcoGen Interior Car Cleaner 4 Gallon Case.jpg

Interior cleaner for cars, trucks, buses and rail cars (ready to use)

  • Professional car interior cleaner safely lifts and removes dirt, oil and grime from vinyl, fabric, leather, metal and plastic surfaces

  • Micro-cleaning formula provides deep cleaning action and helps restore vehicle interior to like-new appearance 

  • Use to clean interior surfaces of cars, trucks, utility vehicles, buses and rail cars

  • No irritating fumes, safe on skin

  • Dye and fragrance free

  • South Coast AQMD Clean Air Certified 

  • Eco-friendly formula is biodegradable, non-toxic, non-caustic, non-flammable and water-based


Available Sizes                  Part No.            Buy Online

1 Gallon Bottle (Case of 4)      ECOINT-GCS

Free Shipping on Amazon. For bulk orders, please contact us directly for pricing - Contact Us.


EcoGen Interior Car Cleaner is an all-in-one cleaning formulation that safely cleans a wide variety of surfaces found within a vehicle’s interior.  Micro cleansers in the EcoGen solution reach deep down to the cleaning surface to lift and encapsulate dirt, oil and grime allowing for easy removal.  Use in combination with a microfiber towel for maximum cleaning effectiveness.   Excellent for maintaining interior surfaces of automotive fleets, truck lines, municipal buses and rail cars.


HOW TO USE:  Spray on dirty, grimy surface and allow a few moments for product to penetrate, then wipe clean with microfiber or shop towel.  For difficult soils, increase dwell time and agitate before wiping clean.  


*  May discolor untreated aluminum if product is left on surface.


SDS (Safety Data Sheet) - EcoGen Interior Car Cleaner


EcoGen Interior Detailer Cleaner can be used to clean vinyl, fabric, leather, plastic and most metal surfaces.

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