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At EcoGen, our goal is to deliver high performance cleaning products that are safe for the user and gentle on the environment.  Our water-based, biodegradable cleaning formulas have a long record of success in the industrial marketplace and have been in use since the early 1970's through our parent company National Colloid, a pioneer in the environmental cleaning industry.  Most industrial cleaning applications do not require dangerous solvent-based chemicals and our hope is to replace many of these toxic chemicals with safer alternatives that minimize risk to employees and improve workplace safety.

Environmental Info


We are committed to providing products that reduce environmental impact and protect our planet for future generations. 

  • Clean Air Certified by South Coast AQMD.  Our products promote clean air and contain no compounds classified as Hazardous Air Pollutants.

  • Water-based, biodegradable formulas are easy on the environment

  • Concentrated formulations - many of our products are sold in concentrate form, reducing transport and packaging needs

  • Sustainable packaging - our packaging has been ISTA (International Safe Transit Association) tested and determined to be readily recyclable, designed to reduce waste and optimized to arrive intact and undamaged.



Unlike solvent-based cleaners that use caustic, burning chemicals to remove soils, EcoGen cleaners surround and lift soils away from the cleaning surface using colloidal suspension.  This unique technology allows our products to break down tough oil, dirt and grime without toxic, harmful chemicals. 

When EcoGen formulations are applied to a surface, micro-cleaning particles (micelles) in the solution reduce surface tension, allowing more thorough contact and better penetration of the soiled surface.  These micro-cleaners then work to lift, encapsulate and suspend soils into the cleaning solution so they no longer adhere to the surface and are more easily removed.  This safer, more targeted cleaning action leaves a truly clean surface without putting users or the environment at risk.


Traditional Cleaner
Traditional cleaning particles
EcoGen Cleaner
EcoGen colloidal cleaner penetrates cleaning surface more effectively

Nano-sized cleaning particles in EcoGen formulas achieve more thorough contact with the surface area due to their small size and overwhelming volume.  Imagine covering a surface with marbles and another surface with sand. The sand is able to reach a much larger area of the cleaning surface. The active micelles in the EcoGen cleaning solution work in the same way as the sand to reach a greater surface area and clean more effectively.

Micelles lift soil from the cleaning surface

Once the micelles reach the soiled surface, they penetrate the larger hydrocarbon molecules and break them into billions of individual pieces.  As the soils are lifted from the surface, they become encapsulated within the EcoGen solution and are easily removed since they can no longer adhere to the surface.

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