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Commercial carpet cleaner solution (concentrated)

  • Penetrates deep into carpet fibers and encapsulates dirt, grime, stains and odors leaving carpet restored and looking new

  • Removes a wide variety of stains including red wine, blood, oil, grease, juice stains, coffee, and pet stains

  • Safe for people, pets and the environment 

  • Clean air formula helps protect indoor air quality

  • Fragrance free, biodegradable, non-fuming and non-toxic

  • Concentrated, economical formula


Available Sizes                     Part No.            Buy Online

1 Gallon Bottle (Case of 4)      ECOCSH-GCS
5 Gallon Bucket                       ECOCSH-B

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EcoGen Carpet Shampoo is a professional strength carpet cleaning solution that deep cleans and restores carpets in high traffic areas and commercial settings.  Nano-sized cleaning particles in the solution penetrate, lift and encapsulate dirt, grime and stains into colloidal suspension allowing for easy removal during the shampoo process.   EcoGen carpet cleaner will help maintain your carpets appearance over time and provides no safety concerns for employees or guests.  

HOW TO USE:  Product is concentrated.  Apply through carpet shampooer or steam cleaner.  Final solution applied to carpet should be 80 parts water to 1 part EcoGen Carpet Shampoo.  Pretest in inconspicuous area.  Do not use on material that can be damaged by water. 

SDS (Safety Data Sheet) - EcoGen Carpet Shampoo


Keep your carpets and upholstery looking fresh and new with EcoGen's safe and non-toxic carpet cleaner.

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